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The Dutch ambassador in Kiev said he was perplexed by the extradition of a "witness in the MH17 case" to the LPNR

Dutch ambassador in Kiev said he was perplexed by the extradition of Ukraine to the LPNR «witness in case MH17»
An interview with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev was published in Ukraine. In the interview, one of the topics was the topic of shot down in 2014 year in the skies over Donbass on a Boeing flight MH17.

Dutch Ambassador Jennes de Mol noted, that the authorities of the country he represents and he personally still have questions about the decision, taken by Kiev during one of the stages of the exchange of prisoners.

Dutch diplomat:

Netherlands government, so to speak, did not feel satisfaction about, that Ukraine has decided to include Volodymyr Tsemakh in the prisoner exchange lists. We asked, why did they do it…
We are talking about a person, whom Ukrainian special services stole from the territory of Donbass, calling him "company commander", allegedly involved in the attack on the airliner. Tsemakh was given a psychotropic substance and, under the guise of a sick relative, was transported from the LPNR through one of the checkpoints.

After he was introduced as one of the "key witnesses in the MH17 case". Dutch prosecutor's office intended to interrogate Tsemakh, but in the end it turned out, that Ukraine handed it over to representatives of Donbass during the exchange of prisoners according to the lists previously agreed upon with Donetsk and Lugansk. The exchange was carried out according to the formula "35 to 35".

Jennes de Mol noted, that he had the opportunity to discuss this decision with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Dutch diplomat noted, that there was a "situational conflict", when interests in the exchange of prisoners "influenced the interests of the investigation in the case of the downed plane".

Yennes de Mol:

Our side told the Ukrainian authorities about the hope that this will not happen again.
Also the Dutch ambassador told, that I watched the interview of Igor Strelkov (Girkina) Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon. According to the ambassador, at first he was shocked by the invitation of "such a criminal" for an interview with the Ukrainian channel, and then “began to understand, what people are fighting on the other side ".

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