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Ukraine will buy Turkish drones "Bayraktar" for its Navy

Ukraine will buy Turkish drones «Flags» for their navies
UAVs produced in Turkey are already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And this year, Ukraine will buy Turkish drones "Bayraktar" for its Navy.

This was told by the commander of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Oleksiy Neizhpapa.

For use in the Black Sea and Azov operating zones, Bayraktar will have improved tactical and technical characteristics, eg, increased flight range.
– Neizhpapa reported.

He also told, that the Ukrainian navy plans to use Turkish UAVs to monitor the surface situation, as well as to support the actions of the Ukrainian Navy on the coast and at sea.

The Commander of the Navy also reported, that Kiev managed to agree on the organization on the territory of Ukraine of the production of Turkish corvettes of the ADA type. he noted, that access to them will allow Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises to gain access to standards, which are used in NATO to create warships. Neizhpapa reported, that corvettes will begin to build in Turkey, and the completion of construction will take place at Ukrainian shipyards.

Shortly before, December, Ukraine has agreed with Ankara to transfer technologies for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles "Bayraktar".

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