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Japanese Premier is going to USA, to "enlist support" in the Kuril issue

Japanese Premier is going to USA, that «get support» in the Kuril issue
The Japanese press writes about the intention of the Prime Minister of the country Yoshihide Suga to visit the United States after the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden. Recall, that the inauguration is scheduled for 20 January.

KyodoNews news service writes about the main goals of the Japanese prime minister, which he sets himself when planning to visit Washington. celebrated, that one of these goals is "to enlist the support of the United States in the issue of the four islands of the northern territories". We are talking about the Russian South Kuriles, who in Tokyo continue to consider their.

The publication refers to sources in the Japanese government, reporting that, that Yoshihide Suga "also wishes to receive confirmation from the new administration of its commitment to assist with free shipping in the East China Sea.". В данном случае речь идёт об островах Сенкаку (Дяоюйдао), которые являются спорными между Японией и Китаем. В Токио считают, что Китай «высказывает неоправданные амбиции на Сенкаку». Beijing responds approximately the same to Japan.

At the same time, the Japanese press also indicates that, that Yoshihide Suga plans to discuss with Joe Biden on the possible visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Tokyo.

Such activity in diplomacy is usually referred to as "checking the clock". For Japan, as noted, "It is important to clarify the American foreign policy agenda". When this is added, that the plans of the prime minister's trip to the United States could be disrupted by the sanitary-epidemic situation.

Recall, what a few weeks ago the Japanese prime minister said, that he will “go to the end” on the issue of the “northern territories” and that he has already “spoken to Putin”. With this statement, he actually repeats the message of his predecessor Shinzo Abe, who even swore an oath of "return of the islands" at his father's grave.

And when will the Japanese premieres fly to the USA, to raise the issue of the continued presence of American occupation forces in their country?..

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