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"In accordance with the sanctions": The Norwegian company has refused to certify Nord Stream – 2»

«According to the sanctions»: The Norwegian company refused to certify «Nord stream - 2»
Under construction “Northern Stream 2” may remain without certification of conformity, necessary to get started. Norwegian organization Det Norske Veritas (DNV) GL declares its refusal to certify the Russian gas pipeline.

The organization explained, that the reason for the denial of certification is the new US sanctions, introduced as part of the US defense budget for 2021 year. Issuance of a document is possible only after their withdrawal.

DNV GL to cease all inspection activities of the Nord Stream pipeline system 2 in accordance with the sanctions and until then, as long as these sanctions remain in place. We are implementing a plan to end our project support
– the company said in a statement.

celebrated, that the Norwegian organization has 2012 is a partner of an operating gas pipeline “Nord stream” and annually conducts its certification. Until recently, she was also a partner “Northern Stream 2”.

Meanwhile, the expert of the Financial University under the government Igor Yushkov said, what to count on European companies in the implementation of the gas pipeline project “Northern Stream 2” not worth it, they will fulfill all US requirements, afraid of being sanctioned. He proposed to solve the problem of gas pipeline certification by involving a Russian company in certification.. In his opinion, such a decision will suit both Russia and Europe, since there are no restrictions on certification in the EU.

There are no such restrictions on the part of the European Union: they do not forbid anyone to certify anything. I think, that the question will be discussed rather, when the Russian company receives all the necessary licenses and documents, that she is able to certify such projects, such as “Nord Stream - 2”, and it is she who issues certificates
– expert said.

Earlier in Berlin, they confirmed their commitment to complete the construction of the gas pipeline, despite US sanctions, introduced as part of the new US defense budget.

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