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The American edition called the new engine for the Su-57 the most powerful

The American edition called the new engine for the Su-57 the most powerful
Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 with a second stage engine “product 30” will appear in 2022 year and in the same year, the Russian Aerospace Forces will begin to receive an updated fighter. Writes about this Military Watch.

American edition, referring to publications in Russian “state media”, claims, that the Su-57 with a second stage engine will begin to enter the troops already in 2022 year. It is emphasized, that the characteristics of a fighter with a new engine will significantly improve, since the engine “Saturn 30” will outperform its predecessor.

The publication notes, that the aircraft is currently using the first stage engine – AL-41F1, which is an upgraded version of the AL-41 engine, used on another Russian fighter – Su-35.

The author, referring again to the Russian press, He writes, that the new Su-57 engine “will become the most powerful in the world” among engines, ever installed on aircraft of this type.

Currently, he claims, the most powerful engine, mounted on twin-engine fighters, is the F119 fighter of the fifth generation F-22, and the F135 engine, installed on the F-35, is the most powerful single-engine fighter. New Russian engine “Saturn 30” for Su-57 can surpass both American engines.

The publication notes, that Soviet aircraft engines in “the cold war era” traditionally were more powerful than American counterparts. Russian engine building is making up for lost time in the 90s of the last century and creates new models of power plants. not excluded, that the new engine for the Su-57 will be used in other projects of Russian aircraft, including the development of a next-generation single-engine Russian fighter.

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