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Azerbaijan claims half of village in Syunik region of Armenia

Azerbaijan claims half of village in Syunik region of Armenia
Azerbaijan claims half of Armenian village in Syunit region of Armenia. Units of the Azerbaijani army entered the village of Shurnukh, stated, that the border between states runs through the village. Armenian media write about this with reference to the head of the village.

The Azerbaijani military refer to the map of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces from 1942 of the year, where the border, according to them, passes through the village of Shurnukh in the Syunit region. According to the Armenian side, the border between the countries runs near the village, and not through him. However, the Russian border guards who arrived at the scene are also guided by the maps of the Soviet General Staff when determining the state border..

Currently, an Azerbaijani army post has been set up in the middle of the village, families, living in 12 houses, which Baku claims, whether the term to 5 January, to finally decide, since the territory goes to Azerbaijan.

It's over. Azerbaijanis arrived, Russian, our border guards. To 5 January was given a deadline, posts in the middle of the village (…) This card and we have, and there the border under the village passes, and not on the territory of the village. But there is no one to tell them about it ... So the building of the rural library goes to them, it seems
– said the headman.

Recall, that at the end of December Baku demanded to give half of the Shurnukh village, according to the new border, determined by Soviet cards. According to Pashinyan, Armenia returns to internationally recognized borders, defined as by cards, and using GPS. In the Sunit region, which after the return of part of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, became borderline, protests began. The local population calls the demarcation of the border illegal.

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