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Press of Ukraine: Zelensky took Yeltsin's path

Press of Ukraine: Zelensky took Yeltsin's path
The material was released in the Ukrainian press, which talks about the realities and the possible future of Ukrainian politics. In particular, the material reflects on the positions of the current President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky. This is an article in the publication "Glavred".

The author draws parallels between today's Ukraine and Russia of the 1990s. Then in the Russian Federation, President Boris Yeltsin dismissed Valery Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court. And some time ago, Volodymyr Zelensky did the same with respect to the head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine..


Zelensky followed Yeltsin's path.
noted, what is in Russia 1993 year, the Constitutional Court resumed its work only after the referendum on the Constitution. Later, as they say in the Ukrainian edition, "The Constitutional Court of Russia has become an instrument of the president's autocracy". stated, that the chairman of the RF Constitutional Court approved the reunification of Crimea with Russia (in Ukraine, the process is still called "annexation"), which allegedly contradicted the Basic Law of the country.

The Ukrainian edition writes, that the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation "contributed to the desire of Vladimir Putin".

Drawing parallels with Russia in the 1990s, in Ukraine indicate that, that today Zelensky does not have real power in the country, and he will no longer have this power.

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But another person can take advantage of Zelensky's policies, how Putin took advantage of Yeltsin's fruits.
stated, that Zelensky's successor could be "a man with authoritarian inclinations". Author, summing up my material, notes, that Ukraine will still remember the removal of the head of the Constitutional Court.

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