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The main topic of the exercises "West-2021" will be the fight against drones

The main theme of the teachings «West-2021» fight against drones
The main theme of strategic command and staff exercises (СКШУ) “West-2021” there will be a fight against drones and cruise missiles. It is reported by the press service of the Western Military District.

The ZVO explained, What's in the SKSHU “West-2021” units of the combined arms army of the district will be involved, which, together with the units of the Belarusian army, will work out the fight against cruise missiles and drones, considering the experience of recent military conflicts.

Main teachings 2021 the year is planned to be held in a single concept against the background of the general operational and tactical situation. The experience of modern armed conflicts will also be taken into account.. During the training session “West-2021” special attention is planned to be paid to the fight against cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles
– It said in a statement.

Besides, subdivisions of the Russian and Belarusian armies will work out fire and electronic impact on the enemy, the use of tactical airborne assault forces, quick transition from one type of combat to another and creating a complex, dynamic environment, as well as other hostilities within the assigned tasks.

Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises “West-2021” will be held in September 2021 of the year. The exercise plan was approved in October 2020 years at the joint Russian-Belarusian collegium of the military departments of the two countries.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, that the situation on the border of the Union State remains turbulent due to NATO actions. Joint exercises will be aimed at strengthening the security of the Union State.

In the current military-political situation in the region, as well as new challenges and threats (…) The Russian Defense Ministry considers ensuring the military security of the Union State among its priority tasks
– Minister.

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