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President of Armenia: Our soldiers are not defeated

President of Armenia: Our soldiers are not defeated
On New Year's Eve, the leaders of many countries turned to their compatriots. From a military-thematic point of view, the appeal of the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian attracted attention.

According to him, 2020 the year became a heavy loss for Armenia, its consequences and its lessons.

Armen Sargsyan:

We've been through severe trials. But our people are not defeated. Our soldiers are not defeated.
According to the President of Armenia, results of the war in Artsakh (unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) are the results of not only disorganization, but also non-professionalism, multiplied by irresponsibility.

RA President:

We saw real non-professionalism in various areas of management, in the military including. At the same time, our soldiers, our people have demonstrated amazing fighting spirit and courage.
According to the statement of the Armenian president, defeat could have been avoided, if you act responsibly and in an organized manner.

Armen Sargsyan added, that now the cabinet of ministers is obliged to do everything, to clarify the fate of the missing Armenian servicemen and volunteers. There are hundreds of them today..


We also have experience, and will, to win.
Sargsyan noted, what in 2021 year Armenia celebrates the 30th anniversary of independence, and therefore efforts must be made to address the real, "And not Facebook", problems.

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