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India creates a quantum random number generator commissioned by the military – DRDO announced a "revolutionary" invention

India creates a quantum random number generator commissioned by the military - DRDO announced «revolutionary» invention
India announced a "revolutionary" invention of scientists, working in the structures of DRDO - Defense Research and Development Organization. Reports say, that a group of scientists in Mumbai, commissioned by the military, managed to create a quantum random number generator with conversion to binary code. As the Indian press writes, until now was considered, that it is impossible to create a generator of "perfect randomness" by the known methods.

To begin with, about, why such studies were ordered by the defense structure. The thing is, that the use of a quantum random number allows you to bring data exchange to a completely different level of security. We are talking, among other things, about cryptography - methods of encrypting certain data.

Using so-called "true" random number generation (in this case - the quantum version) allows you to create "keys" to protect information during its transfer. Besides, when using this generation, the capabilities of robotics are significantly increased, artificial intelligence. That is why such studies are of interest to the military. Talking about promising military technology, the use of robotic platforms based on artificial intelligence is increasingly mentioned.

The QRNG random number technology developed in the Mumbai laboratory has an important feature. It also allows you to translate this information into a binary sequence familiar to computer technology at high speed.. The speed is about 150 kbps with so-called post-processing – at the initial stages of testing.

From the message of Indian scientists:

QRNG is based on that principle, what if one photon hits a balanced beam splitter, it will randomly occupy any of the output paths of the beam splitter. Way, chosen by the photon, is random, randomness is converted to a sequence of binary digits, called bits.
Defense Research and Development Organization of India Announces Successful Testing of Technology Using Quantum "Keys" Over 12 Km Fiber Channel.

In addition to military objectives, this development also has broad "civilian" prospects - including in the field of financial data protection - for example, performing secure banking operations, creating "super passwords", development of artificial intelligence in the management of big data.

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