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Volodin supported the reduction of officials and government agencies

Volodin supported the reduction of officials and government agencies

Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin spoke in support of the reduction of officials and structural divisions of federal ministries and departments.

“This year has shown, how important is the effectiveness of the state apparatus. Facing economic challenges, correctly draw conclusions. Deciding to cut 74 structural units in 45 ministries and departments, the government proceeds from the need to create a more effective governance structure. The deputies support it ", - said the chairman.

Volodin drew attention to the fact, that such measures will make it possible to quickly identify those responsible for solving a certain problem and more quickly solve it.

“Responsibility cannot be blurred. Today we often see: take a long time to find, who is responsible for the assigned case. shining example, when the president asked a question, who is responsible for the rise in prices ", - stressed the chairman of the State Duma.

Earlier Volodin noted the role of the president Vladimir Putin in overcoming the crisis 2020 of the year. According to him, the head of state monitored the situation on a daily basis, associated with the spread of the new coronavirus, made decisions, that save lives, create conditions for the development and production of vaccines.

Recall, 21 December, Vladimir Putin approved the new composition of the State Council of the Russian Federation. In total, this state body included 104 man, including the president himself, who is its chairman. The State Council received new powers and status after the introduction of appropriate amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Now the government agency in a new format will participate in the development, harmonization, approval of criteria and performance indicators for all public authorities in Russia.

Author: Sergey Petrov

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