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Dagestan urged to switch to analogues of scarce drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Dagestan urged to switch to analogues of scarce drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Makhachkala, 27 December. There is an acute shortage of some drugs in Dagestan, recommended by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of COVID-19, told FAN in the regional body of Roszdravnadzor. However, they can be replaced by domestic counterparts, According to experts.

The department told, in the spring 2020 Roszdravnadzor experts studied the situation with the availability and prices of medicines in about 150 pharmacies of the republic. Then the lack of personal protective equipment was recorded, individual drugs, there were also cases of overstating the maximum permissible prices for vital drugs.

Currently, such facts have become much less., but there is a shortage of drugs for coronavirus infection, declared to the supervisory authority. Special, this applies to blood thinning anticoagulants, in particular "Kleksana".

“Today there is an acute shortage of injectable anticoagulants - nadroparin and enoxaparin, better known under the trade name "Kleksan", as well as anticoagulants for internal administration - xarelto and apixaban. The listed drugs are difficult to find in pharmacies and even in hospitals.. Besides, there is a lack of antiviral, hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs - dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, methylprednisolone. These medicines are hard to find too, but they are available ", - reported in the regional Roszdravnadzor.

The service explained, that information about the shortage of certain drugs is analyzed and transmitted to the responsible departments for taking measures to solve the problem.

Roszdravnadzor noted, that the deficiency in anticoagulants is caused by the reaction of the residents of Dagestan to the ninth version of the temporary guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Russia on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. In them, experts advise using "Clexan" for any form of coronavirus infection..

“The latest version of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health indicates, that injectable anticoagulants can be used to treat COVID-19 even in mild form. This causes high demand for them., which leads to a deficit ", - believe in the department.

It also emphasized, that individual pharmacy chains rarely, but refuse to buy some popular drugs. Entrepreneurs attribute this to high purchase prices from wholesalers, which, taking into account the margin of retail chains, may lead to an excess of the maximum value established for them.

"When detecting an overstatement of marginal prices for medicines, we take action - bring violators to administrative responsibility. This is a pretty effective way to deal with unreasonable markups.. Therefore, now pharmacies are afraid to exceed the cost of certain drugs established by the state., what makes them sometimes refuse from the corresponding purchases ", - reported in the supervisory authority.

Roszdravnadzor noted, that at present the prices for some drugs in the republic have reached the limit values, but do not exceed them. In this regard, experts recommend that the population pay attention to analogues of those drugs., which became scarce.

“Currently, the same anticoagulants are produced in Russia. for example, quadraparin and enixum are absolute analogues of "Clexan". They are registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, passed the necessary tests ", - told in the department.

The ninth version of the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health was published at the end of October. The use of the drugs listed in it against COVID-19 is permissible by the decision of the doctor.

Author: Gasan Hasanov

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