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Policemen were attacked in the center of Grozny

Policemen were attacked in the center of Grozny
Reports of a shootout in the central part of the city come from Grozny. According to the latest data, unidentified persons attacked police officers.

Local sources say, that at least three people were injured during the exchange of fire, found to be incompatible with life.

Other sources report that, that the attackers were originally armed with knives. They, attacking law enforcement, tried to get hold of their weapons. By fire, open by law enforcement officials, they were eliminated.

This is not the first such case in the Chechen Republic in recent years.. So, 17 December, in one of the regions of the Chechen Republic, the police decided to check the documents of one of the motorists. In response to a demand to stop, he threw a homemade bomb at law enforcement officers.

An investigation is underway into a new incident in Chechnya. The identity of the attackers is being established.

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