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Pashinyan prepares early elections, Aliyev visited Karabakh and increased defense spending

Pashinyan prepares early elections, Aliyev visited Karabakh and increased defense spending

Armenia and Azerbaijan continued to divide the border last week, which then to guard the Russian border guards. Against this background, rallies are held in Yerevan and they talk about early elections, and Aliyev increased military spending. Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation noted the presence of conflict potential in the Transcaucasus, what destructive forces may soon take advantage of.

Situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

According to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which he spoke at the collegium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, "Russian peacekeepers have become a guarantee of security in Karabakh", but "risk their lives to return a peaceful life to the region". Which is fully confirmed by the development of the situation.

Stepanakert Airport will start operating in the near future. To the original date, 25 December, apparently did not have time to finish all the work. Nevertheless, the area around the air harbor is completely cleared of mines, and the airport itself, from an engineering and technical point of view, is completely ready for normal operation. planned, that for now it will be used only in the interests of peacekeepers, which will reduce many logistic problems. For example, delivery of the seriously wounded to Moscow will now be possible in a matter of hours.

Pashinyan prepares early elections, Aliyev visited Karabakh and increased defense spending

Last week, skirmishes and provocations were generally avoided.. This time only Azerbaijan had losses - 21 December in Fizuli region, four civilians were blown up by an anti-tank mine.

The US also monitored the situation in the conflict zone. Strategic unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4B Global hawk conducted reconnaissance 22 December from the airspace of Georgia.

Nevertheless, according to the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General of the Army Valeria Gerasimova, Conflict Potential Remains in Transcaucasia. At a briefing for foreign attachés, he said, that “the growth of tension in the world is facilitated by the expansion of the scale of terrorism and radical extremism, the ongoing global economic downturn amid the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as the destructive foreign policy of a number of states ".

Under this phrase, likely, hidden warning to destructive forces, who may try to destroy peace initiatives in Karabakh. Moreover, they can equally be attributed as pan-Turkic aspirations of Turkey, and the geopolitical plans of the team of the new US president.

Pashinyan prepares early elections, Aliyev visited Karabakh and increased defense spending

Armenia transfers new section of border under Russian control

After the visit of the Director of the FSB of Russia to Yerevan and Baku Alexandra Bortnikova as expected, the issue of maintaining stability on the border between the Syunik region of Armenia and the Kubatly and Zangelan regions of Azerbaijan was resolved. He was simply left at the mercy of Russian border guards. It is planned to install two Russian checkpoints in the area of ​​Goris and David Beka, as well as conduct patrolling on the Kapan-Chakaten road section.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Armenia said, that the demarcation process “creates certain difficulties and inconveniences, Furthermore, evokes emotions, though, everything that is done, is being done to ensure security in Syunik ". Pashinyan stressed, that in recent days there was a possibility of resumption of hostilities, then “the escalation would have spread to the Syunik region, and to the territory of Armenia ".

The prime minister could not ignore the "old government". On his Facebook page, he posted a copy of the law 2010 year on defining the internal borders of Armenia, which the Republican Party voted for, Prosperous Armenia Party and Dashnaktsutyun Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Thus, he tried to justify the demarcation of the border on Soviet maps and outside the processes, provided by the country's constitution.

In general, the situation, which is now preserved on the border of Syunik region, Pashinyan called "locating certain border points, to have an effective security system ".

Pashinyan was not allowed to enter Syunik

In these conditions, it is not difficult to imagine, How was the trip of the Prime Minister of Armenia to the southern part of the country. On Monday, 21 December, early in the morning, residents of Goris and Syunik blocked the roads with the intention of not allowing Pashinyan's motorcade to pass, and the mayor of Goris was detained for calling on residents to join the process.

Nevertheless, the prime minister managed to visit the village of Sarnakunk and the city of Sisian. At the same time, a negative event also happened to him in the latter.. Priest of Sisian Church Ter Pargev Zeynalyan refused to shake hands and demanded that the head of government leave the church, which Pashinyan himself apparently did not expect.

Trying to keep a good face on a bad game, Armenian Prime Minister canceled the train to Goris, Kapan and Meghri and performed in the center of Sisian. In a statement, he noted, that the authorities will not use force, and the border has now “become part of the security system, which includes Armenia - that is, the CSTO ".

Armenian opposition achieved first results from protest actions

After three days of mourning for those killed in the Karabakh war, which also didn't go without hassles, opposition parties with 22 December continued protests and declared a general strike. United opposition candidate and leader of the Committee for the Salvation of the Fatherland Vazgen Manukyan called on the army and police to join the people.

The actions of disobedience carried out by the "committee" included:

  • setting up several tents on Republic Square in front of the government building;

  • the blocking of the Yerevan-Vanadzor highway by the protesters, as well as several streets in the center of Yerevan;

  • blocking of several administrative buildings, including the Prosecutor General's Office;

  • pressure on parliament members, who were supposed to convene a meeting of parliament and impeach the prime minister.

As a result, by the evening 25 December Nikol Pashinyan announced, that convenes consultations with political forces on the issue of holding early parliamentary elections in 2021 year.

Armenians want another Russian military base

Unstable time in Armenia gives rise to non-standard offers.

"New Russian base in Syunik will help resolve the issue of Armenia's security", - so thinks the leader of the "Enlightened Armenia" party Edmond Marukyan.

Pashinyan prepares early elections, Aliyev visited Karabakh and increased defense spending

In his opinion, the priority for Yerevan should be the solution of the security issue of the Syunik region, as local communities and cities were in close proximity to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

“To counter these challenges, it is necessary to begin negotiations on signing a new agreement with Russia on the installation of a new “103” bases in Syunik. There is such an experience - 102nd base, providing security for many years. Peacekeepers in Karabakh can be served much easier from Syunik, than from Gyumri ", - says Marukyan.

According to him, even if now the entire budget of Armenia is directed to defense, it won't be enough, to resolve this issue on your own.

As a result, the alignment is as follows: border protection - from Russia, providing security instead of national armed forces - also from Russia, there is only one question - when will Armenia return to the Russian Federation??

Azerbaijan increases defense spending

After another visit to the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, the President of Azerbaijan announced plans to increase state budget spending on defense. According to Aliyev, military spending rose to 2,7 billion dollars to replenish stocks of ammunition, acquisition of new modern technology and further development of the armed forces.

This once again confirms the fact, that in the next decade Armenia will not be able to independently return the lost territories by military means. Everyone in Baku understands this very well and soon hopes to begin the next stage of the return of Karabakh..

“The Azerbaijani side is determined to reintegrate citizens of Armenian origin, living in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, into the social and economic space of the country, ensuring equal rights and freedoms of all citizens of Azerbaijan without discrimination, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation ", - said the head of the Foreign Ministry Ceyhun Bayramov at a meeting in the Executive Secretariat of the New Azerbaijan Party.

In this way, the developing situation actually sums up 2020 year, as a result of which the existence of two Armenian states in the Transcaucasus became completely dependent on Moscow. However, the Russian military leadership says bluntly, that the region is unstable and subject to the influence of the destructive policies of "other foreign states", which 2021 will make every effort to change this alignment.

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