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An F-35B fighter is shown firing an aircraft cannon off the coast of Somalia

An F-35B fighter is shown firing an aircraft cannon off the coast of Somalia
The American operation to withdraw its contingent from Somalia continues. As already reported, "Military Review", for withdrawal 650 military, who are officially in Somalia, a whole armada of funds is involved, including universal amphibious ships, military transports, tiltrotors and floating bases. Little of, the US command also issued an order to practice the conduct of hostilities using carrier-based aircraft.

For this, the fifth generation fighters F-35 are involved., included in the UDC USS Makin Island of the Wasp class.

F-35B fighters rose from the ship off the coast of Somalia and carried out the use of standard weapons in the water area of ​​maneuvers. In particular, F-35B pilots used aircraft cannons. Missile weapons, at least, judging by the fragment of the presented video, US Navy fighters off the coast of Somalia did not use.

The US military command notes, that carrier-based aircraft "provide direct support for Operation Octave Quartz, which the US military is completing in Somalia ". This operation was originally aimed at combating international terrorism. However, Washington no longer speaks of success in this struggle..

earlier it was reported, that part of the troops from Somalia the United States will withdraw to the state of Djibouti, and some will be returned to the United States. In the state of Djibouti, in addition to the American military base, the PRC base is also located. This neighborhood clearly haunts the Pentagon. The United States has repeatedly tried to put pressure on the authorities in Djibouti in order to, so that they deny Beijing any further military presence. But the government of Djibouti does not agree.

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