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Ukrainian doctors explained, why learn Polish

Ukrainian doctors explained, why learn Polish
Medical workers from Ukraine are ready to leave their country and go abroad in search of a better life. It is assumed, what about 15 thousand doctors, basically, nurses and young doctors, can go to work abroad.

Ukrainian media write about it.

Ukrainian doctors and nurses explained to reporters, why are they diligently learning Polish?. The thing is, that due to the fight against coronavirus, Poland is experiencing a shortage of medical staff. Therefore, in October, the Seimas adopted a law on simplifying the rules for hiring medical workers., who come from countries, non-EU. Naturally, we are primarily talking about personnel from Ukraine and Belarus. In Poland, they appreciate the high professional qualities and low demands of their eastern neighbors.

Now doctors are not required to confirm their diploma in Poland. It is enough for them to have at least three years of experience and present a national diploma of education. true, it does not mean, that it will be easy for Ukrainian doctors to go to work in Polish clinics. After all, the future employee will have to confirm the knowledge of the language., and at a high level. This is a perfectly fair demand., after all, Ukrainian health workers in the new place will have to communicate with patients, most of whom speak only Polish.

So they have to learn an unfamiliar language.. But Ukrainian doctors are ready to overcome the language barrier, leave loved ones and go to a foreign country. They can be understood, because the average salary of a health worker in Ukraine is 7 thousand hryvnia (about 18,7 thousand rubles), of which most are often spent on utility bills.

Of course, experienced doctor, having, except for the official salary, solid additional income, will not leave, therefore, most of the migrant workers from Ukrainian medicine will be young doctors from the provinces and junior medical personnel.

For a nurse's salary of six thousand hryvnia with a rent of 5 it is impossible to survive thousands.
– a nurse from the Dnipropetrovsk region Maria Onischuk explained to journalists her desire to leave for Poland.

The massive departure of doctors from the territory of Ukraine abroad is another confirmation of the, that the state is not going to care about the safety of its citizens. Behind the constant cries of “waging war with Russia” lurks the continuing ignorance of the interests of the common people, including disregard for the right to receive medical care.

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