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Plant named for possible construction of the latest Russian aircraft carrier

Plant named for possible construction of the latest Russian aircraft carrier
The construction of a new aircraft carrier for the Russian Navy is planned to be carried out at “Sevmash”. This was announced on Tuesday by the general director of USC Alexey Rakhmanov.

In an interview with the TV channel “Russia 24” He said, that the United Shipbuilding Company expects to build a new aircraft carrier on “Sevmash”, since this enterprise already has experience in the construction of such ships. To start construction, only the decision of the Ministry of Defense is needed.

As soon as the Ministry of Defense makes a decision, we are ready to immediately take on its design and construction. The construction of an aircraft carrier for India suggests, what experience we have. This experience is concentrated in the factory “Sevmash”, and this is where we expect to build an aircraft carrier, if ordered by the military
– Rakhmanov explained.

Earlier, a source in the OPK said, that the state armaments program for the period up to 2027 funds for the new aircraft carrier are not provided, although construction projects already exist.

According to the concept, a promising Russian aircraft carrier will have a displacement of 65 thousand. to 70 thousand. tonnes. Two projects are currently being considered. First – aircraft carrier “La Mancha”, which was presented by the Nevsky PKB. The displacement of this aircraft carrier is up to 90 thousand. tonnes. Its dimensions make it possible to place an air wing from 60 planes and helicopters and a dozen drones.

Second project – nuclear aircraft carrier “storm”, proposed by the Krylov State Scientific Center. The displacement of the ship must reach 100 thousand tons, length - up to 330 m, maximum speed - 30 knots. The aircraft carrier is expected to accommodate 80-90 aircraft.

maybe, that there are other projects of promising aircraft carriers, but information about them is not provided to the general public.

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