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UAV "Hunter" can be used as a "destroyer" of shock drones "Bayraktar"

UAV «Hunter» can be used like «exterminator» shock drones «Flags»
Not so long ago there were reports of regular tests of the Russian heavy attack drone "Okhotnik", developed according to the S-70 project. At the same time, it was indicated that, what the drone experienced, among other things, as an unmanned interceptor. It is this characteristic of the promising Russian UAV "Okhotnik" that caused a special discussion among experts and ordinary readers., interested in air force. The topic is discussed in the foreign expert environment.

In particular, one of the areas for discussion is related to the possible use of "Okhotnik" in the Russian Aerospace Forces as a means of destroying shock drones. In this case, it must be stated, that today shock UAVs of their own design, in the full sense of the word, have only a few states in the world. Among them the USA, Turkey, Israel, China. By taking into account the fact, that in the past few months, Turkish attack UAVs Bayraktar-TB2 were actively used in hostilities, supposed, that the "Hunter" can be tested as a means of destroying such drones.

Here it is necessary to note a certain probability that, that Russian specialists have Turkish UAVs "Bayraktar" at their disposal. Such drones were shot down by one means or another of the Libyan National Army of Marshal Khalifa Haftar in Libya, Armenian air defense systems of Nagorno-Karabakh. These facts give reason to talk about, what technology, including those, which reveal the functionality of data exchange, at least, theoretically could have been studied by Russian specialists.

Taking this into account, then the use of "Hunter" as a "destroyer" of shock drones "Bayraktar" – as one of the manifestations of direct air interception – is not incredible. For such operations, the "Hunter" can act autonomously. And its very appearance in the sky over a particular war zone, where strike UAVs are used, can be a decisive factor for, so that these UAVs cease to be used there ... Here one must also take into account the clear advantage of the "Hunter" in altitude and speed. Open sources indicate, that its practical ceiling – about 18 thousand meters (the ceiling of "Bayraktar" about 8 km), and the speed in high-altitude echelons – about 1 thousand. kmh. This a priori provides the ability to perform combat missions for “acceleration” or direct destruction of Bayraktar-class attack UAVs in virtually any conditions.

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