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"Tanks will not protect against air strikes": Belgian press on the role of the BMPT "Terminator" on the battlefield

«Will not protect tanks from air strikes»: Belgian press on the role of BMPT «Terminator» Field paint
The BMPT concept originated in the 1980s and was actively developed in connection with the war in Afghanistan, and then in Chechnya. It was originally planned to create a combat vehicle with various weapons for the destruction of anti-tank weapons in a single combat formation with tanks. The project was suspended several times, but BMPT supporters managed to renew it every time.

Synthesis of anti-aircraft guns and self-propelled guns

The problem of supporting tanks on the battlefield and on the march is not new. She at least 80 years
– writes Army Recognition edition (Belgium), discussing the role of the Terminators on the battlefield.

During World War II, tanks were given self-propelled anti-aircraft guns., who protected them from air and infantry attacks. With the advent of more powerful machines in the Wehrmacht, The Red Army equipped its combat formations with self-propelled guns. BMPT is a kind of synthesis of anti-aircraft guns and self-propelled artillery working on ground targets, designed to destroy heavy equipment.

Russian "Terminators" must hit armored targets with missiles "Attack", and infantry and mechanized formations - machine guns and cannons.

«Will not protect tanks from air strikes»: Belgian press on the role of BMPT «Terminator» Field paint
However, BMPT capabilities to combat aircraft are limited.. The machine does not have radar or other means of detecting air targets, which reduces the effectiveness of shooting. Adequately trained attack helicopter and jet pilots will be able to destroy a tank column with or without BMPT. Shock drones can play the same role
– writes the Belgian press.

Why do we need "Terminators"?

allegedly, if you look at the anti-tank potential of the Terminators, then these machines will give way even to the BMP-2M, which instead of ATGM "Attack" received four newest "Cornets".

BMPT surpasses BMP in protection, but inferior in mobility
– explained on the pages of the publication, which is also critical of the Terminator chassis, made on the chassis of "obsolete modifications" of the T-72.

In this regard, the developer's statements about the possibility of one BMPT to replace a pair of BMPs and a motorized rifle platoon are questioned..

In addition, the weapons available to the tanks allow them to defend themselves without the involvement of BMPT: MBT equipped with non-Terminator 30mm cannons, and with 125-mm guns; ATGM "Reflex" and "Invar" in terms of power are indistinguishable from the "Attack".

In terms of anti-aircraft potential, BMPTs are inferior to "Shilk" and "Tunguska", who are engaged in escorting tanks. In urban conditions, conventional artillery is better suited to clear paths.

Then what are the advantages of BMPT?
– asks the edition.

As a result, Army Recognition makes a general conclusion that, that “the BMPT concept does not offer a breakthrough, so combat vehicles are not able to protect tanks from air strikes ".

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