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Joe Biden intends to impose new sanctions against Russia

Joe Biden intends to impose new sanctions against Russia
New US President Joe Biden intends to impose new sanctions against Russia due to Moscow-attributed hacker attacks against US government departments. This measure is currently under discussion by Biden's team.. This is reported by Reuters, citing a knowledgeable source..

Biden's team intends to punish Russia for alleged cyberattacks by Russian hackers. As retaliatory steps are discussed as the introduction of economic sanctions, and holding “cyber hacks”. At the same time, Biden's team fears an escalation of the conflict between the United States and Russia due to the planned retaliatory measures..

The answer must be strong enough, to create large economic, financial and technological losses for criminals, but at the same time avoid escalating the conflict between the two nuclear powers - enemies since the Cold War
– said the source.

but, as the edition writes, while all discussions are theoretical, as Biden and his team have not yet begun full-scale work and have not received access to all information. Only after receiving all the available information will the next steps in response to cyber attacks be clarified.

In turn, the still current US President Donald Trump said, that the scale of the cyberattacks that occurred is significantly exaggerated due to the fault of the media. Also Trump disagrees, what exactly are behind the attacks “hackers from Moscow”, According to him, Chinese hackers may also be involved.

Recall, that the American media accused Moscow of involvement in cyber attacks on the Treasury and the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration. In Russia, the charges are denied.

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