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Deripaska hinted at the need to judge Navalny for treason

Deripaska hinted at the need to judge Navalny for treason
Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska announced the need to conduct criminal punishment against persons, that “provoke” sanctions against Russian citizens and companies. According to him, such actions are comparable to high treason. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel..

According to the businessman, it is necessary to amend the Russian criminal code, adding an article to it, criminalizing “provoking” sanctions. And the action itself equates to high treason.

The actions of those citizens, which, directly or indirectly, these sanctions against Russian individuals or legal entities provoke, probably, it is quite logical to qualify as treason, with relevant criminal consequences
– he said.

Deripaska stressed, that sanctions are a weapon “hybrid war” and nothing better “bombing Russian cities or direct attacks on borders”. he is convinced, that the restrictions imposed cause more damage to the civilian population, than the listed hostilities.

Although the businessman does not name a single name, It can be assumed, that the publication hints at a potential traitor Alexei Navalny, which the, while in Germany, called on Western countries to impose sanctions against Russia.

For our part, we note, that Deripaska's proposal is not new, this idea has been repeatedly discussed in the State Duma, it was even proposed punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 3 years for persons, inciting the imposition of sanctions against Russia. However, to date, no decision has been taken on this issue..

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