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IN USA: Trump spends a lot of time with "crazy conspiracy theorists" and may cancel the election results

IN USA: Trump spends a lot of time with «crazy conspiracy theorists» and can cancel the election results
American political elites are wary of the situation, in which the current president of the country did not congratulate the elected president on his victory even after the electoral vote, which took place 14 December. Some American political scientists and representatives of political elites believe, that this situation adds tension. Adding to this tension is a statement from Trump circles that, that he could stay in the White House on the inauguration of the 46th President.

The Axios edition states, that even representatives of the administration of President Trump "urge him to act on the basis of the Basic Law of the country - to recognize the results of the elections and to ensure the turnover of power". The same edition states, that the administration “is afraid that, that Donald Trump could abuse his powers and still cancel the election results ".

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High-ranking officials (Axios does not name them - approx. «IN») highlighted, that the incumbent spends too much time with crazy conspiracy theorists.
These include attorney Sydney Powell, as well as former Assistant to the President for National Security Michael Flynn. is approved, that Flynn is a supporter of martial law in the United States to secure a new vote in the so-called wavering states. Lawyer Powell urged Trump to seize the accounting machines, who count votes in elections, to study their work.

Recall, that Trump's claims are made for the reason, that almost 100% of votes, sent in the "hesitant" states by mail, ended up behind Joe Biden. At the same time, many of these votes came after the official completion of the elections.. Also in the list of voters who voted, Americans were identified, who died long ago or who voted twice or even three times in several polling stations.

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