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Who is spreading rumors about the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria

Who is spreading rumors about the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria

Against the background of new events in the Syrian Arab Republic, pro-Western media sources are promoting the idea of ​​allegedly growing opposition from Iran and the Russian Federation in the SAR. The reason for such statements was reports of the opening of an observation post of the military police of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​the city of Abu Kemal in the province of Deir ez-Zor.. Such statements sharply reveal the dreams of Western curators of the Syrian confrontation: embroil Moscow and Tehran, two key players in the fight against international terrorism in the Middle East, to take advantage of the possible struggle between the Russians and the Iranians.

About, how Western sources promote the issue of the confrontation between Russia and Iran in Syria, who profits from this and why you should not trust the corrupt sources of information, explains the head of the military-political Telegram channel Astra Militarum Commissioner Yarrick.

New rumors

Pro-Western news agencies again took up their pen to embroil Russia and Iran on Syrian soil. So, Asharq al-Arabi reported, that Moscow and Tehran allegedly cannot share spheres of influence in Syria. The reason for, to throw in such statements, there were reports of the opening of a new observation post of the RF Armed Forces in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

As the Syrian opposition media reported the other day, Russian military and 5th Assault Corps of the Syrian Arab Army (Farm) opened a representative office in the village of Abu Kemal in eastern Syria. According to journalists, Russians deployed in one of the city's former hotels. With the help of this point, the RF Armed Forces plan to coordinate their actions in the region with the pro-Iranian and Syrian forces, as well as the heads of local tribes.

At the same time, opposition sources report, that pro-Iranian formations are leaving the Abu Kemal region, while the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic is allegedly helplessly watching the process. Where should they go, Syrian activists did not report - especially since reports of the withdrawal of pro-Iranian units from the command post near the Syrian-Iraqi border, called in the media "the base named after Imam Ali", It has been reported.

According to analysts on the website of the agency Asharq al-Arabi, Russia's relief efforts in Syria - and elsewhere - increase Moscow's global influence. In their opinion, it allegedly threatens the broader humanitarian order and “jeopardizes” UN narratives regarding the situation in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, do not underestimate the presence of Iran in the SAR., continue analysts of Asharq al-Arabi. In their opinion, it is currently difficult to estimate the true number of Iranian forces and allied militias in Syria. Many Iranian forces left the country after, how the government army regained control of the territories, who were previously in the hands of militants. However, a number of commanders and combat units remained in Syria., to ensure the interests of Tehran in control of the "Shiite belt" Lebanon - Syria - Iraq - Iran and participate in hostilities against terrorists of the "Islamic State" 1 (an organization banned in Russia).

Allies against terrorism

This is not the first time such messages have been received., and mainly from Western activists and media experts, who are conducting the campaign necessary for the United States to oust Moscow and Tehran from the Middle East. However, it is important to understand: Russia does not intend to oust Iran from Syria - because it not only values ​​good relations with this state, but also appreciates Iran's contribution to the joint fight against terrorists.

This means, the calculations of the media opposition to Damascus are at least meaningless.

24 September 2020 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov following talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif He stated, that Moscow and Tehran will continue cooperation in the Astana format to resolve the situation in Syria. He also added, that Russia and Iran consider the military presence of external players in Syria unacceptable without the consent of Damascus.

“Confirmed our readiness to continue close cooperation in the Russia-Iran-Turkey format, including in support of the processes of political settlement within the framework of the meeting of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva and including, with regard to the continuation of the fight against the remnants of terrorism on Syrian territory ", - Lavrov said.

The President of the Syrian Arab Republic also adheres to the same opinion about the need for mutual work with the Russian Federation and Iran. Bashar Asad. During an interview with Syrian state TV channels in November 2019 the Syrian leader celebrated, that Russia, Iran and Syria are fighting terrorism together, and talking about Moscow's pressure on Damascus in any matter is incorrect.

"We, Russians and Iranians, we are fighting one military fight against terrorism, and a united political struggle ", - explained Assad.

Despite the loud statements by the US President about the victory over the terrorists of the "Islamic State", Russia knows, who contributed to this victory and what contribution. One can assess the losses of the parties in the fight against ISIS1 and see, that the United States practically did not carry them, fighting terrorists with the hands of Kurdish proxy groups.

Who is spreading rumors about the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria

The long-suffering Syrian people, Iran and Russia are the real winners in the war against international terrorism. Washington knows this too - and therefore they hope to break Moscow's strategically successful alliance, Damascus and Tehran.

Who benefits?

It should be understood, that the United States of America is still haunted by Iran's presence in the Syrian Arab Republic. Despite, that a new foreign policy line may begin in Washington ahead with the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joseph Biden, Americans, like all recent years, continue to demand the withdrawal of pro-Iranian forces from the Arab republic. In general, the collective West continues to attack Tehran on all fronts.: the recent assassination of the "founding father of the Iranian nuclear program" Mohsena Fahrizade and consultations Donald Trump the possibility of a preemptive strike on Iran's main nuclear facility is confirmed by.

Who is spreading rumors about the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria

curious, that the West is mixing Russia with the Iranian issue also not for the first time. AT 2018 year U.S. Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey He stated, that the States are trying to "convince the Russians" of the need to withdraw Iranian forces from the SAR.

"We can not see, so that it is in someone's interest. Our task is, to convince everyone, including Russians, what is it (withdrawal of Iranian forces. - Note. FAN.) the best way to ensure a peaceful outcome, stability and security not only in Syria, but also in the whole region ", - said Jeffrey.

Also the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly stated, that the US is calling for “a consensus, that Iran and the forces under its control should not maintain a presence in Syria ". However, all these statements cause, to put it mildly, perplexity: unlike Washington, Tehran received an official invitation to the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic to help in the fight against terrorists.

And if we continue the logic of the States, then for the return of stability and security to Syria and the entire Middle East it is necessary, to be abandoned, first of all, troops, who are there illegally. That is - USA. However, this is unlikely to happen in the near future - States, despite condemnation from Moscow, Damascus and Tehran, continue illegal exploitation of oil fields, captured by them in Syria.

Who is spreading rumors about the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria

This means, attempts to oppose Russia and Iran on Syrian soil only work into the hands of, who wants to revive terrorists in Syria and keep the reasons for formal, but not a legitimate stay in the country and continue to steal oil in Trans-Euphrates without hindrance.

apparently, final U.S. victory over ISIS in Syria will take place at the same time, when oil reserves in Trans-Euphrates will be completely depleted. Well, to consider minor redeployments of troops in southern Syria as "squeezing" Iran out of the country is fundamentally wrong..

1 Organization banned in Russia.

Author: Commissioner Yarrick

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