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Uspenskaya amazed fans with a figure in a tight lemon dress

Uspenskaya amazed fans with a figure in a tight lemon dress

Moscow, 19 December. Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya delighted the followers on the social network with her knowledge of the Ukrainian language and a chiseled figure in a lemon dress.

A fresh snapshot appeared on the artist's page. In the frame, she lies on an impromptu wooden bridge under the starry sky.. On Uspenskaya - a narrow dress, which emphasizes her figure. The performer's makeup focuses on red lips. Under the photo, the star wrote in Ukrainian, that the starry sky made her think about many things.

"I look at the sky, and I think so…"- wrote Uspenskaya.

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Publication from Lyubov Uspenskaya (@uspenskayalubov_official)

Users were delighted with the lemon dress. They noticed the flat belly of the 66-year-old singer and her protruding ribs. Many were surprised by the artist's knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

"A very beautiful woman is immediately visible from a distance.";

"Beauty and the doll! It's a pleasure to look at you! Thank you just for that, what you are ";

“The ribs are already visible, yes you are my slender girl ";

“How do you know Ukrainian??"- wrote in the comments.

Previous photo of Lyubov Uspenskaya with the famous blogger Ida Galich angered users. Fans asked the singer to stop being young and choose images that match her age. In the picture, they were also enraged by the demonstration of the consistency of the star of the chanson, who posed next to Galich in a luxurious sable fur coat.

Author: Andrey Zolotarev

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