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Shufutinsky told, how he plans to meet and spend 2021 year

Shufutinsky told, how he plans to meet and spend 2021 year

Russian singer, chansonnier Mikhail Mikhail Shufutinsky shared with FAN plans for New Year's Eve, and also spoke about the planned 2021 year of concerts.

The singer confessed, that preparations for the celebration of the New Year are in full swing. According to Shufutinsky, he hasn't started decorating the house yet.

“Gifts in the buying stage. We buy gifts gradually, because you can't buy everything in one go, and there is no time for this. We will decorate the house after 20 December, it is still too early to decorate the house ", - said the artist.

At the same time, the musician noted, that he already has a New Year mood. Winter weather creates a festive atmosphere, snow and New Year's Moscow - the city has already been decorated for the holiday.

"Not decided yet, where will we celebrate. It's such a thing, which can always be redone, it's personal. I have many options, many invitations and friendly invitations too, so we don't know yet, we'll see", - added the singer.

Shufutinsky told, how he plans to meet and spend 2021 year

Besides, Shufutinsky told, what in 2021 all performances are planned, who moved from this year. However, the holding of concerts depends on the situation with the pandemic.

“If everything calms down and settles, so, we will have a new concert, which was carried over from this year. This is the North Caucasus, and the south of Russia, and we are on tour in Germany, and touring the Baltics. But it all depends on, how soon will we open painlessly and fearlessly ", - concluded the chansonnier.

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Author: Artem Kuznetsov

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