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German press explained, why “Putin likes, that Biden considers Russia the biggest threat to the United States "

German press explained, why «Putin likes, that Biden considers Russia the biggest threat to the United States»
United States, led by Joe Biden, will increase pressure on Russia to protect human rights, increasing its presence in Europe, but for Putin, the election of Biden is preferable, than Trump's re-election. With mutual respect, Russia and the United States can solve many problems. Writes about this German edition ARD.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the last to congratulate newly elected US President Joe Biden. It might seem, what for Putin, and therefore, for Russia, Trump's re-election would be more beneficial, but it is not. Biden is considered in Russia “much better solution”, than Trump. Unlike its predecessor,, Biden is not driven by spontaneous emotions. According to Andrei Kortunov, Director of the Russian International Affairs Council, which the German edition refers to, Russia and the United States will have themes again, where cooperation is possible: Iran, climate, disarmament.

At the same time, Russia recognizes, what's wrong with Biden “it won't be easier”, but the relationship will be more predictable.

White House, eg, will harshly criticize Russia from the point of view of human rights - it was not so important for Trump. maybe, they will again be actively involved in what is happening in Ukraine, in Georgia, as well as in Belarus. (…) Kremlin knows, what to count on
– quotes the edition of the expert's words.

Putin and Biden have no personal sympathy for each other, writes ARD, during the election race, Biden named Russia “the biggest threat to America”. As explained, Putin even liked it, since he wants to be equal with the USA. Between the lines of his congratulations, directed to Biden, could be read: Russia and the United States could jointly contribute to solving many problems “with mutual respect”.

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