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Chinese army simulates street fighting with tanks on the island of Taiwan

Chinese army simulates street fighting with tanks on the island of Taiwan
Hong Kong edition of SCMP publishes material, which tells about the likely direct military confrontation between China and Taiwan. It should be remembered, that Beijing considers the island to be an integral part of the People's Republic of China.

Columnist Minnie Chan says, that the Chinese army today is considering the actual inevitability of street fighting in the event of a landing in Taiwan.

of material:

The PLA is already testing its tanks in simulated street battles for Taiwan, which are simulated so far in the computer version. Taiwan has a definite advantage over the PLA in this case.. It consists of, that the island's army is by definition better acquainted with the complex geography of the island.
In China, as noted, simulated street battles in Taiwan using Type 96A tanks. The use of floating BMP Type is also simulated. 04 (ZBD-24). One of the brigades of the 72nd PLA Army was involved in such exercises., which is based in Zhejiang province.

from the article:

In a simulation script 230 military, supported 30 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, formed a red team, to represent the PLA, trying to attack the city complex, defended by the blue team from 70 soldier and six tanks.
It is said, that the red team ended up taking over the city in less than three hours. This required the destruction of the main roadblocks and minefields..

Exercises are typical maneuvers, imitating conflict between the PLA and its Taiwanese potential adversaries.

Military expert Lee Che Yi:

Light tanks are capable of crossing rivers and hills, but the overall landscape of Taiwan is very complex. In real battles, the PLA on the island may have serious problems.
Simulation information is confirmed by some “central” Chinese media.

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