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The aircraft LMS-901 "Baikal" created to replace the An-2 was tested in a wind tunnel

The aircraft LMS-901 created to replace the An-2 «Baikal» experienced in a wind tunnel
Promising light multipurpose aircraft LMS-901 “Baikal”, created to replace the Soviet aircraft An-2, “blew” in the wind tunnel of TsAGI named after. Zhukovsky. Research was carried out by order of LLC “Baikal-Engineering”.

Aircraft model passed T-102 wind tunnel tests at TsAGI, executed to scale 1:7. At the first stage, tests were carried out at air flow rates from 25 to 50 meters per second. A simulator of a working power plant was used on the model.. Experts determined the total aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft and the effectiveness of its controls. The tests will continue.

New aircraft LMS-901, developed to replace the An-2, has a length of 12,2 m, height – 3,7 meters and wingspan – 16,5 m. Maximum take-off weight – 4,8 tons, speed – to 300 km / h. Maximum range – 3 thousands of kilometers. The aircraft is created according to a modular scheme, which will allow you to convert it to a cargo or passenger version.

In summer 2019 of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a competition for the development of a light multipurpose aircraft for nine passengers to replace the legendary An-2 “Corn”. LLC was chosen as the winner. “Baikal-engineering” – subsidiary of the Ural Civil Aviation Plant.

At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade abandoned the planned serial production with 2021 of the year of the TVS-2DTS single-engine aircraft “Baikal”, developed by the Siberian Research Institute of Aviation on the basis of “Corn”, all his developments went to the creation of the LMS-901 “Baikal”.

used photos:TsAGI

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