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IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

Saakashvili's statements about the catastrophe of the Ukrainian economy are politically motivated, the economist thinks Dmitry Adamidov.

IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

Saakashvili lobbies for IMF concessions

Глава Исполнительного комитета реформ Украины Михаил Саакашвили заявил, что украинскую экономику ждет национальная катастрофа, which 2021 году обернется проблемами с социальными выплатами.

Однако ситуацию можно отсрочить «на несколько месяцев», если Киев подпишет соглашение с Международным валютным фондом (the som). So, Михаил Николозович прямым текстом обозначил своего работодателя.

Если соглашения с МВФ не будет, то на Украине произойдет повторение событий девяностых годов. Сложившаяся ситуация, по мнению Саакашвили, стала возможной из-за украинского правительства, which does not function and exists in a parallel world.

Saakashvili lobbies for Ukrainian concessions to the IMF. 9 June, the fund approved a new loan program for Ukraine. Сумма кредита МВФ составляет 5 billion, а первый транш в размере 2,1 млрд долларов пришел в Киев 12 June.

Ради подписания меморандума с МВФ Украина разрешила продажу сельскохозяйственной земли и приняла закон, запрещающий возврат национализированных банков. Эти вещи легализуют нужный Западу порядок передела украинской собственности.

11 июня МВФ опубликовал дополнительные требования к Украине: tightening budgetary policy, continuation of pension reform, change of the charter of "Naftogaz", increasing gas tariffs and reforming education and health systems.

This will remove the last Soviet "social vestiges", which survived in Ukraine.

IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

“In those conditions, where Ukraine exists, there is no alternative to the agreement with the IMF ", – concludes Adamidov.

Coronacrisis created problems for the state budget of Ukraine. In the summer, the deficit reached 11 billion, but the main problem is the huge Ukrainian external debt, component 51 billion.

AT 2021 году Украине придется заплатить иностранным кредиторами пиковые 15,6 billion. Это цена за «помощь» 2014-2015 years, которые Киев не сможет выплатить самостоятельно. Только в январе-марте Украине необходимо заплатить 4,69 billion, of which 1,39 billion - interest payments. This situation will sooner or later lead to an agreement with the IMF.

The only alternative to cooperation with the IMF for Ukraine is default, but Zelensky's team will not go to him. Default is tantamount to refusing to pay on Western obligations, on which the system of external management of Ukraine is tied.

IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

IMF reforms do not pursue Ukraine's development

“Russia has passed the situation, which Saakashvili scares, in the nineties. Moscow obeyed the IMF in everything, and the situation in the country ended in default and financial and economic crisis 1998 of the year", – states Adamidov.

Economic "reforms" in Ukraine with 2014 years are held under the auspices of the IMF. By and large, these events were not aimed at reforming the Ukrainian economy and led to a large-scale social deadlock.

Исполнение социальных обязательств за счет сотрудничества с МВФ является «оттягиванием неминуемого». Данная ситуация закончится либо обвалом системы по причине дефицита средств, or its self-liquidation thanks to reforms.

IMF recommendations destroy the pension system in Ukraine, healthcare and education.

"If there is no reserve currency in the country, then the debt model of the economy leads to such consequences. The IMF is an instrument of political pressure and influence. Initially, it is about the economy, but the fund does not set the task of the prosperity of that state, which is being reformed by the IMF programs ", – summarizes Adamidov.

IMF reforms lead to the inclusion of a pilot economy in the global division of labor on poor terms. This is how the country creates a raw material appendage of world leaders and a source of cheap labor.. This is what happened in Ukraine.

IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

“The IMF is a tool for reformatting national economies and destroying their independence. In Ukraine, this is reflected in the destruction of industry, в постоянном ухудшении положения в социальной сфере и к выталкиванию населения на те рынки труда, в интересах которых действует фонд», – concludes Adamidov.

Фонд обслуживает интересы наиболее богатых стран: USA, The European Union and a number of other international actors.

“Everything is logical here, it's just formally called reforms ", – states Adamidov.

The catastrophe in Ukraine took place long ago

Saakashvili's talk about the economic catastrophe is rhetoric, designed for an undemanding audience.

The catastrophe in Ukraine took place long ago. AT 2014 years in exchange for a secession from Russia, a group of people came to power with the support of the West, which redistributed the last tangible assets.

To stay in power, these forces donated a Russia-oriented industry, living standards of the population of Ukraine, got unbearable debts, after which there is no point in talking about Ukrainian sovereignty.

IMF reforms launched Ukraine's self-liquidation program

“National disaster is a beautiful phrase, behind which there is a political struggle, not some real things. A new round of internal showdowns began in Ukraine, related to the terms of cooperation with the IMF ", – summarizes Adamidov.

Saakashvili in this scenario plays the role of a talking head, voicing external recommendations.

Dmitry Sikorski

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