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Two unsuccessful missile launches of the Armenian air defense system 9K33M "Osa", acquired in Jordan

Two unsuccessful missile launches of the Armenian air defense system 9K33M «wasp», acquired in Jordan
A video of an unsuccessful launch of missiles of an anti-aircraft missile system appeared on the web (SAM) 9К33М “wasp”. reportedly, the video shows an Armenian air defense system, attempting to launch rockets.

In the video description, emerging 19 November, does not say when and where the video was filmed, however, there is an entry that reads:

This is why enemy drones dominated our skies, one rocket spits out in front of you, the other spits out sideways, this is our air defense. Question – who bought us such military equipment?

As has been written more than once, including on pages “military review”, the Armenian side suffered the main losses from attack drones and kamikaze drones of the Azerbaijani army. The lack of modern air defense among the Armenians played into the hands of Azerbaijan, his drones fully controlled the ground situation not only on the contact line, but also in the rear of the Armenian units.

At the time of the beginning of the military conflict, anti-aircraft missile systems “Osa-AKM”, taken into service in 1980 year, were the main means of military air defense of the army of Nagorno-Karabakh. note, that, due to their obsolescence, these anti-aircraft systems are not able to deal with modern drones. Besides, there are many videos on the web, where are the Azerbaijani drones of Turkish production “Flags” destroy Armenian air defense systems “wasp”.

Based on the losses of the Armenian side, can be judged, that SAM “Osa-AKM” NKR defense armies hardly underwent modernization, which was announced back in 2015 year. Modernized complexes, as announced earlier, were supposed to receive a digital system for selecting moving targets of the radar station, as well as a modified television optical sight “TOV-M”. Besides, a new all-weather digital video camera was installed on the air defense system, able to work at any time of the day.

Recall, that a scandal erupted in Armenia this July, the theme of which was the air defense system “Osa-AKM”, purchased in Jordan. As stated, under the guise of modernized anti-aircraft missile systems “Wasp AKM” old and unusable “Osa AK” Jordan has 35 installations. Perhaps it was these complexes that were put into service with the NKR army.

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