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Turkish press explains, why the Turkish military has not yet been sent to Azerbaijan

Turkish press explains, why the Turkish military «still not directed» to Azerbaijan
Discussed whether, why the Turkish military "have not yet been sent" to Azerbaijan in the format of a "joint peacekeeping mission", although the Turkish parliament allowed the sending of troops a few days ago. In this regard, publications in the Turkish media drew attention., who explain the delay in sending the Turkish contingent.

Turkish press comes out with materials, which are actively discussed primarily in Turkey itself and relate to the issue of sending Turkish military to Azerbaijan (to Karabakh) clarifying the situation.

Turkish edition Milliyet publishes material, wherein the reported, that Ankara, after lengthy discussions and consultations, has decided on the format of sending Turkish representatives to the South Caucasus.

The material states that, that the Turkish authorities have decided to send representatives to Azerbaijan for the future joint monitoring center. is approved, that military and civilian specialists will not be deployed in Azerbaijan until then, until the format of ensuring the protection of the state border is debugged.

We are talking about the border of Azerbaijan with Armenia in those regions, which are adjacent to the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and which, under agreement, leave the Armenian troops. They must leave them no later than 25 November.

In other words, Turkish military may appear in Turkey 26 November, when Azerbaijani border guards take full control of the western border (with the exception of the Lachin corridor with a width 5 km).

Recall, that earlier the Turkish parliament approved the presidential decree on the sending of Turkish military to Azerbaijan. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his interview, stated his hope for, that he managed to convince the Turkish side to abandon the deployment of the Turkish military on the contact line in Karabakh. Then the President of Russia noted, that this could cause a negative reaction in the region and made a reference to the events, associated with the genocide of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.


Someone may not admit it, someone admits. Russia for a long time (Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire) recognized.
Turkish media report, that the issue of sending a large military contingent was previously discussed. So far, there is no official data on the size of the future Turkish contingent. Although the Turkish press states, that this number "should not be less than the number of the Russian contingent".

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