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OSCE "discovered" Russian command post for UAV "Gunner-2" in Donbas

OSCE «I found» in the Donbas, the Russian UAV control center «Gunner-2»
OSCE drone detects Russian UAV complex “Gunner-2” on the territory of the Luhansk region in 12 km from the contact line. This is reported by Ukrainian media.

According to OSCE report from 14 November 2020 year to be specified, that previously identified as “electronic warfare complex RB-341V "Leer-3"” upon detailed analysis it was identified as “UAV control point "Gunner-2"”, designed for reconnaissance and special missions, including to provide coordinates of targets of cannon artillery battalions and MLRS.

The complex includes a ground control station and seven UAVs of the type “Garnet-1”, “Garnet-2”, “Garnet-3” and “Garnet-4”. drones “Garnet” 1 and 2 Are the lungs (2,4 and 4 kg) short-range wearable UAVs (10 and 15 km) with electric motors. “Garnet-3” - device with a range of up to 25 km. gasoline powered. “Garnet-4” also has a gasoline engine, range of up to 120 km and can carry various kinds of payload: photo / camcorder, IR camera, equipment for electronic warfare and bearing of cellular communication.

OSCE «I found» in the Donbas, the Russian UAV control center «Gunner-2»
The appearance of this complex in the territory of Donbass caused a flurry of accusations against Russia from the Ukrainian media, literally littered with headers like: “Putin has transferred the latest intelligence complex to Donbass”, “The newest military complex of the Russian Federation with drones was first recorded in Donbass”, “The latest Russian drones found in ORDLO” etc. and so on.

In Kiev has already declared, that the fixation on the territory of Donbass of the Russian UAV control point “Gunner-2” says, what Russia continues “military aggression” against Ukraine, placing their military equipment on its territory.

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