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“Were needed not Russian fighters, and Chinese UAVs ": Armenian press sums up the results of the fighting in Karabakh

«Were needed not Russian fighters, and Chinese UAVs»: Armenian press sums up the results of the fighting in Karabakh
Armenian troops have been in a systemic crisis for many years. However, the new authorities under the leadership of Nikol Pashinyan did not at all solve the urgent problems of the army., while spending significant funds for PR and corruption.

This opinion is voiced by the Armenian Military Portal, which sums up the results of the battles in Karabakh. As indicated, a number of critical blunders were made in the modernization of the armed forces.

At first, allegedly, that it was a mistake to acquire the Su-30SM, for the purchase of which 120 million dollars.

We do not deny, what is this good weapon, but that was not a priority
– indicates edition, explaining, what if the fighters were purchased, then at least they should have given them a decent weapon in the face of BrahMos cruise missiles.

Secondly, instead of spending colossal funds on the Su-30SM, it was necessary to purchase 100 million dollars arsenal of drones of various functions, preferably made in China.

As explained, heavy attack UAV Wing Loong 2 would cost only 1-2 million $. Models such as CH-3 or CH-4, comparable to Turkish Bayraktar TB2, are even cheaper. 30 drones of this type would cost 30-40 million dollars. The rest of the funds should have been used to purchase hundreds of loitering ammunition. (such as CH-902) and unmanned reconnaissance.

Thirdly, 20 million $ you could pay for the purchase approximately 300 artillery shells with the possibility of correcting their flight by a laser beam, for example "Krasnopol-M" caliber 152 mm. Reconnaissance drones could give them target designation.

Such shells become a terrible weapon for the enemy., allowing artillery to hit any targets with 1-2 shots
– the edition believes.

Fourth, in no way worth purchasing 35 Osa-AK off Jordan, since they represent, according to the publication, "Rubbish" and really stand 6-7 million $, and not declared 30 million. In return, the Tor-M2 air defense system was needed:

As expected, unlike the Os, they turned out to be very effective against UAVs..
Fifth, Yugoslavian 20-mm anti-aircraft guns M-55 are absolutely useless - "another cut", considers the portal. Instead, dozens of 122 mm D-30 towed guns had to be mounted on the chassis., which would increase the mobility of the army.

As can be seen from the above reasoning, basically the stated "program" of procurement is based on the use of funds, allocated for the purchase of the Su-30SM. However, the fact is ignored, that the fighters were purchased from Russia under a preferential credit tranche and at prices for CSTO members. Could China, selling their UAVs, to agree to the same conditions - it remains an open question.

It is also important that circumstance, that Armenian troops were practically not involved in hostilities. The army corps remained in their barracks., and recently acquired fighters - at the home airfield.

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