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In Britain: China in terms of fighters surpassed Russia in everything, except engines

In Britain: China in terms of fighters surpassed Russia in everything, except engines
Analysts from around the world pay attention to the fact, how fast is the modernization of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA). The development of the Chinese armed forces is hard to miss. It goes in all directions, including the air force.

Among others, analyzing the development of the PLA, turned out to be the British Royal Institute for Defense Research (KIOI). What attracts special attention in this case is a comparison of the air capabilities of China and Russia, made at the said institute.

KIOI presented a report based on the results of the analysis, which states, that China, in terms of creating fighters "in all basic parameters, in all, surpassed Russia, except one". With this parameter, where China, according to experts from the British Institute for Defense Research, lags behind Russia, are the engines.

The KIOI report noted, that China “outstripped Russia in the development of aviation, stealth technology, also in the field of creating various kinds of monitoring systems, avionics (avionics).

At the same time, the report focuses on the fact, that the basis of Chinese fighter aircraft was Soviet technology. In particular, China created its new fighters, copying the structural components of the Soviet Su-27. Indicates the implementation of the Chinese J-11 program according to this scheme. Options with J-16 are being considered.

Now, as reported in the KIOI report, China is moving to new technologies, which translates into the creation of the fifth generation fighters J-20 and J-31. However, “with the overall superiority of Chinese fighters, they have a weak link - the engines, which do not meet modern needs ".

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