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Warrior Pegov: If the operation in the "death gorge" were carried out to the end, this could lead to the defeat of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces

Warrior Pegov: If the operation in «death gorge» was brought to an end, this could lead to the defeat of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces
The network is actively discussing the statement of the war correspondent Semyon Pegov, working in the Wargonzo project.

He made a statement on the air of the program “Soloviev LIVE - SMERSH” for another Semyon - Bagdasarov.

Pegov said, what if the operation in the so-called "gorge of death" by Armenian troops were brought to an end, then "everything could end in complete defeat of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces". This statement of Semyon Pegov is now actively disseminated by the Armenian media.

The correspondent of the Wargonzo project says, that the option with the "gorge of death" was personally chosen by the head of the defense department of Artsakh (unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) Jalal Harutyunyan.

According to Pegov, the essence of the idea was as follows: small group of up to five people, armed with grenade launchers, destroyed about fifty enemy soldiers in a narrow corridor. Pegov believes, that the tactics were successful, since against this background "other sectors of the front of the Azerbaijani troops were exposed".

is approved, that in the "gorge of death" during the continuation of the military operation "not only Azerbaijani, but also the Turkish special forces ".

Pegov adds, that the NKR Defense Army “was ready to launch a counteroffensive in Martuni, but the operation was not completed ". Who did not let her finish, – main question, according to Semyon Pegov.

According to this logic, it turns out, what agreement, signed by Aliyev, Pashinyan and Putin stopped not the final defeat of the NKR troops, and the "counteroffensive of the Karabakh army". Interesting interpretation of events. She is also interesting because, that if this version is exaggerated, there will be even more claims to Nikol Pashinyan: breakwater, prevented the Karabakh troops from defeating the Azerbaijani army at the "most crucial moment". Basically, such slogans have already been heard in Yerevan.

Military Corps Pegov also added, what “the Armenian army in Karabakh fought indirectly”. According to him, many gaps could be hidden by another combat-ready corps.

used photos:Facebook / NKR Ministry of Defense

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