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"Probable failure of the Ukrainian engine": European rocket Vega failed mission

«Probable Ukrainian engine failure»: European rocket Vega failed mission
European rocket Vega, launched on Tuesday from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana, could not put two Earth sensing satellites into orbit. As stated in the press service of the operator company Arianespace, missile mission failed due to deviation.

Eight minutes after the start of the Vega VV17 mission, after the first ignition of the Avum upper stage engine, a deviation from the trajectory was detected, what led to the termination of the flight
– It said in a statement.

The rocket was supposed to launch two spacecraft into orbit: Spanish earth observation satellite SEOSAT-Ingenio and French scientific satellite TARANIS.

Meanwhile, as stated in the Russian space industry, the accident of the Vega launch vehicle could have occurred due to the failure of the Ukrainian-made fourth stage engine.

The fourth stage has a Ukrainian-made RD-843 engine. His refusal is seen as the main possible cause of the Vega rocket accident.
– quotes RIA Novosti the words of the agency's interlocutor.

note, that this Vega launch failure is the second 17 launches for 8 years of rocket exploitation. This was the seventh launch this year..

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