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In South Korea, a vacuum train almost reaches the speed of sound

In South Korea, a vacuum train almost reaches the speed of sound
During testing of a vacuum train, which have continued in South Korea since 2017 of the year, managed to reach a record speed. He made more 1000 kilometers per hour.

Business Korea reports..

The principle of such a vehicle, dubbed Hyperloop, developed in 2012 year in the company of Elon Musk. It is based on the movement of capsules through tunnels through an airless environment using magnetic levitation.. This allows you to achieve significant speeds, and the vehicle moves silently.

At the moment, no company in the world has started the practical use of this transport., which still exists only in the form of prototypes. One of them tests Korail (Korea Railway Research Institute).

During testing, a reduced version of the capsule accelerated to 1019 kmh. In this way, in South Korea, the vacuum train almost reached the speed of sound, which is 1193 kmh. comes, that South Korean developers managed to break their own record for Hyperloop, when the capsule was dispersed to 714 kmh.

According to Dirk Alborn, CEO of American competitor Hyperloop TT, South Korea may become the first country in the world, which will launch the transport network of vacuum trains. They plan to do it by 2024 year.

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