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In the PRC press: Taiwanese cruise missile useless against mainland China

In the PRC press: Taiwanese cruise missile useless against mainland China
Last week, the Taiwan Air Force conducted a test launch of an air-launched cruise missile. This rocket was designed, reportedly, by Taiwanese specialists and was named "Wang Chien". The tests were carried out by the 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Taiwan Air Force.

Taiwanese media after testing came out with materials, which states that, that Taiwan “now has something, how can you answer Beijing in case of aggression ". One of the publications stated, that air-launched cruise missiles are capable of hitting airfields, military bases and concentration points of PLA military personnel on the southeast coast of the PRC.

The Global Times responded to these publications. In particular, in the material of the correspondent Liu Xuanjun it is said that, that the PRC is "confident of the futility of a cruise missile against mainland China".

Recall, that Beijing considers Taiwan an integral part of the territory of the PRC.

The author cites Chinese military experts:

These missiles will not be able to reach military targets on the southeast coast of mainland China. It's just that their carriers will be destroyed on approaching that point., from where the rocket can be launched. At the same time, Taipei is trying to demonstrate dangerous acts of forceful resistance to Chinese unity.
At the same time, one of the Chinese experts - Wei Dongxu - notes, that Taipei could use these missiles "to repel possible amphibious attacks".

This indicates that, that China continues to consider the forceful scenario of reuniting Taiwan with the mainland.


China's air defense can destroy both carriers of these missiles, and these missiles themselves. They are not immune to interception.
For reference: missile Wan Chien is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 200 km. The tests took place in the Taiwan Strait, what caused the outrage of official Beijing.

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