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Foreign press: Chinese J-20 fighter can defeat American F-22s with special tactics

Foreign press: Chinese J-20 fighter can defeat American F-22s with special tactics
Many weapons experts have recognized, that the American fighters F-22 Raptor or F-35 are superior in their characteristics to the Chinese J-20 and are able to defeat them in an aerial duel. But it is quite possible, that the Chinese fighter is assigned a slightly different mission.

Smriti Chaudhary discusses this topic, article author, published by the Eurasia Times.

Chengdu J-20 aircraft is considered a fighter 5 generations of the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA). Its special capabilities are revealed by the chief designer of these fifth generation stealth aircraft Yang Wei.

This revolutionary fighter is characterized by a long range., high decision-making speed and great firepower. According to some analysts, it is ideal for destroying American air tankers and reconnaissance aircraft.

According to Justin Bronk, Analyst at the Royal United Services Institute of London, The J-20 has the most impressive stealth of all, currently in production or testing. It is capable of carrying an impressive amount of fuel in its internal tanks.. Besides, the fuel supply can be in four external tanks on the dumped underwing pylons. On what basis does analyst Bronk conclude that, that it is the J-20 that has the greatest stealth among all the fighters in the world, – open to question.

At the same time he considers, that due to its high weight and low maneuverability, the J-20 cannot effectively withstand the highly maneuverable F-22 Raptor in open combat, but he is able to defeat him with special tactics.

Chinese fighter jet would have no chance in the confined space of the European theater of war, but the PRC Air Force is unlikely to ever appear there. More likely, that they will have to operate in the wide expanses of the Pacific, where you can show their advantage in flight range. If the F-22 is limited in action with a radius of about 800 kilometers, then the Chinese fighter has more than 1100 km.

According to expert David Ax of Forbes, over the South China Sea "Raptors" will depend on tanker aircraft. And the Chinese J-20, to defeat the F-22, do not have to get involved with them in open confrontation, but it is enough to destroy the air tankers. Then the F-22 will run out of fuel, they will not be able to return to base and will simply collapse into the water, and the J-20 will still have fuel during the operation.

Classifying Chinese Chengdu J-20 fighter, some experts attribute it to the fourth generation, Noting, that its characteristics do not reach the fifth.

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