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The USA offered Russia to think about the project of the Elephant aircraft after the An-124 accident

The United States offered Russia to think about the aircraft project «Elephant» after the An-124 crash
Russian transport aircraft An-124 14 November 2020 of the year made an emergency landing at the Novosibirsk airport. This was caused by a problem with the engine.. The American edition of The Drive wonders, since Russia has few such planes, is it time to start developing a replacement for them.

according to the publication, Russian An-124 flew from Novosibirsk to Vienna. After takeoff, he had engine problems, forced the crew to make an emergency landing. On landing, the plane broke the left landing gear strut, which caused damage to the fuselage, wing and engines “Ruslan”. Nobody on board was hurt.

Author notes, what is unknown, what other damage did the plane receive and will it be restored, and if it will, how long will it take.

The thing is, he writes, that there are few An-124 usable in Russia, some of which are part of the military transport aviation of the Aerospace Forces, and a part belongs to the company “Volga-Dnepr”, carrying out commercial transportation. In total, a total of 54 serial An-124, some of which were collected in Kiev, and some in Ulyanovsk.

After the termination of production of this aircraft, in Russia tried to restore the production of the modernized An-124 in Ulyanovsk, but this project had to be postponed due to the severance of relations with Ukraine in 2014 year, since the rights to the An-124 belong to the Ukrainian design bureau “Antonov”.

Therefore, Russia should consider the option of creating a new aircraft., capable of replacing the An-124, especially since the project of such an aircraft already exists. To replace “Ruslan” in Russia they propose to create a plane “Elephant”, outwardly similar to the An-124, but much larger and with better performance. After the implementation of this project, Russia will receive its own heavy-duty aircraft and will not depend on other countries for its production and supply of spare parts..

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