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Ukraine tends to buy Turkish-made corvettes

Ukraine tends to buy Turkish-made corvettes
Ukraine tends to purchase Turkish corvettes for the Ukrainian Navy. According to the Defense Industrial Courier, The Ministry of Defense of the country intends to spend funds on ships, remaining unused in the framework of the state defense order for 2020 year.

According to the publication, 13 November, a meeting was held on the basis of the Department of Military-Technical Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which discussed the use of the funds remaining from this year's defense order. The Ministry of Defense is inclined to use them for the purchase of Turkish-made corvettes.

At the same time, the military department does not see the expediency of completing a corvette of national development.

Earlier, when discussing the construction of Turkish corvettes in the interests of the Ukrainian Navy, the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleg Urusky said, that the first corvette can be manufactured in Turkey, and all subsequent ones will already be produced at the Ukrainian enterprise.

As a possible project in Kiev, a corvette of the type “Hell” – ship, capable of conducting anti-submarine operations and patrolling on the high seas, with wide use in the design of the principles of stealth technology.

Displacement of the corvette - 2400 t, length - 99,56 m, width - 14,4 m, crew - 93 man. The CODAG power plant consists of one General Electric LM2500 gas turbine with a capacity 23 MW and two 16-cylinder MTU 16V595TE90 diesel engines 4320 kW. Maximum speed - 29 knots, economic progress - 15 with. Range - 3500 nautical miles at speed 15 knots.

Armament includes 8 PU PKR Harpoon, ЗРК RIM-116 RAM (21 ZKR), 76-mm artillery mount OTO Melara Super Rapid, 2× 12.7 mm Aselsan STAMP machine guns, two 324 mm three-pipe torpedo tubes Mk.32 (torpedoes Mk. 46/54), anti-submarine helicopter S-70B Sea Hawk.

Recall, that in February of this year, a delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine visited Turkey, Where, among others, the issue of possible construction of various ships for the Ukrainian fleet, taking into account the capabilities of Turkish and Ukrainian enterprises, was discussed. In October, the parties signed a memorandum of intent to develop cooperation in the field of defense-industrial projects.

The document sets out the intentions of the parties to start and implement joint projects for the construction of warships, unmanned aerial vehicles and all types of turbine engines.

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