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The United States worried about the possible use of Russian "Poseidons" during the war

The United States worried about the possible use of Russian «Poseidon»
The United States is concerned about the development of unmanned underwater vehicles in Russia “Poseidon”. As Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation Christopher Ford said, in Washington doubt, what application “Poseidon” during a military conflict will comply with international law.

Speaking at an online seminar, organized by the American Bar Association, Ford stated, what does the USA have “there are reasons for concern” on Russia's nuclear deterrence policy. I doubt the US, that Russian nuclear weapons are only for defense.

certainly, Russia declares, that its doctrine is in line with international law, that its nuclear weapons are intended only for defense and deterrence and will only be used as a last resort. It is hoped, what is it so
– he added.

Another development, alarming United States, are uninhabited underwater vehicles “Poseidon” with a nuclear power plant and a nuclear warhead. According to Ford, the use of such devices does not comply with international law.

They are proposed to be equipped with nuclear warheads with a capacity of several megatons and launched into the ocean during a military conflict., to unleash a radioactive tsunami on the coastal cities of the United States. This concept raises serious questions about whether, can it be applied in accordance with international legal norms and principles
– he said.

Also, according to Ford, The United States worries about Russia's statement, that Moscow can respond by using nuclear weapons to any ballistic missile, directed towards its territory, regardless of, what charge is installed on it and regardless of, where is it aimed.

Earlier, the US has already called on Russia to abandon “terrible weapon”. Billingsley, US President's Special Representative for Arms Control, development “Poseidon” and cruise missile “petrel” is an “a waste of time”, since the START-3 “will ban them anyway”.

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