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Tank T-90 "Breakthrough-3" will receive new components

Tank T-90 «Breakthrough 3» will receive new components
It became known about the successful conduct of state tests with the receipt of the letter "O1" of two components for the modernized version of the main battle tank T-90 "Proryv-3". This is the tank commander's console, as well as display complex mechvoda – developed by NPO Elektromashina.

After conducting state tests of these components, the enterprise is ready to start their serial production..

noted, that the remote control will be used, among other things, to control the anti-aircraft machine gun. At the same time, this option in various versions is installed on T-72 tanks of modernized versions., and is also part of the BM (combat module) "Hunter".

According to the chief designer of NPO Electromashina Vasily Kardapolov, the console can be used in various conditions: from arctic to desert heat conditions - from -50 to +65 Celsius. It also features dust and splash protection..

In turn, the display complex, which is intended for use by the driver of the T-90 "Breakthrough-3", is an integrated IMS (information management system), providing control of a number of nodes. With its help, data is collected from sensors., processing and display - to inform the crew, eg, about wrong actions. The system can give commands to the mechanic about the movement option, eg, with indication of downshifting.

Tank T-90 «Breakthrough 3» will receive new components
The complex not only ensures the operation of the engine and transmission in the optimal mode, but with the help of existing adjacent systems, the tank is able to inform about the use of bacteriological weapons, the presence of a high background radiation, warn the crew about a fire in the tank compartments. The system also controls the operation of the climate control system.

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