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India launched the fifth Scorpen-class submarine for the country's Navy

Fifth class submarine launched in India «Scorpio» for the country's navy
India launches fifth class diesel-electric submarine “Scorpio” (Kalwaria). The submarine launching ceremony was held at the shipyard of the Indian company Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai without the presence of officials due to the second wave of coronavirus.

The fifth of the six submarines in this series was named “Vagir”. Head sub “Kalwaria”, which gave the name of the whole series, entered the Indian Navy in 2017 year, second submarine - “Xanderi” – in September 2019 of the year. Third and fourth diesel-electric submarines, “Careing” and “Led”, running trials now. Construction of the sixth submarine, “Wagshir”, continues. In the process of building submarines, the schedule for their transfer to the fleet was repeatedly revised for various reasons and currently provides for the delivery of the last submarine in the series k 2022 year instead of 2017, as previously planned.

Submarines “Scorpio” (Kalwaria) under construction, concluded with the French company Naval Group (formerly DCNS) at 2005 year. agreement value 3,6 billion. dollars provides for the construction of six submarines of this class at an Indian shipyard with the transfer of technology to India. New submarines are intended to replace obsolete class submarines in the Indian Navy “Syndicate” (“Kilo”) and “Shishumar” (“Type-209/1500”).

The main purpose of the NNS class “Scorpio” is the fight against enemy submarines and ships. Submarines are built from special steel, able to withstand high pressure. The entire series of these submarines is built without an air-independent power plant., but taking into account the possibility of installing VNEU in the process of modernization in the future.

Submarine length - 67,5 m, width - 6,2 m, surface displacement - 1615 tonnes (scuba - 1775 tonnes). The submarine is equipped 360 rechargeable batteries, each weighing 750 kg. Maximum speed under water - 20 knots. crew - 44 man, including eight officers.

Diesel submarine armament - 533-mm torpedo SUT 266, anti-ship missiles SM-39 “Exocet” and mines.

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