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Turkish media readers: “While columns of Russian military are visible in Karabakh, for some reason the Turkish columns are not visible "

Turkish media readers: «While columns of Russian military are visible in Karabakh, Turkish columns for some reason are not visible»
After the first days of euphoria from what happened in Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkish media took a course, so to speak, to a more balanced position. While Turkish politicians and senior military officials declare that, that “Azerbaijan won in Karabakh, freeing their territories from occupation ", as well as about, that there will be a "Turkish peacekeeping contingent" in the region, materials appear in Turkish media with a fair amount of skepticism.

In particular, celebrated, that the columns of Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh “can be seen for the second day in a row, but the columns of the Turkish military are not visible there ".

Recall, that Erdogan in his statement pointed out, that a "joint Turkish-Russian headquarters" will be created, who will “monitor the implementation of the ceasefire, observance of peace and implementation of agreements on de-occupation of Azerbaijani lands ". Earlier on, that the peacekeeping mission will be a Russian-Turkish, said Ilham Aliyev.

In this regard, several assumptions are made.. One has to do with, that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "perhaps, leads people by the nose ". Provides agreement document, where there is not a word about the presence of Turkish "peacekeepers" in Nagorno-Karabakh. The second assumption of Turkish reporters is related to the fact, that Turkish troops were in Azerbaijan before the agreement, and now they will turn into a "peacekeeping contingent".

It should be noted, that the day before, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar actually confirmed the data on the presence of Turkish military advisers in Azerbaijan.

How Turkish media readers react to these reports?

A few comments:

While columns of Russian military are visible in Karabakh, columns of the Turkish military for some reason are not visible.
I think, our military is already there.
I don't believe in that, that the Armenians will withdraw their troops in the coming days. We agreed with Russia on Idlib, So what – Assad withdrew troops? No.

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