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Ex-Prime Minister of Britain: Our country is no longer a great power

Ex-Prime Minister of Britain: Our country is no longer a great power
Great Britain is no longer a great world power. British ex-premier John Major came to this conclusion, in the early 1990s who succeeded Thatcher in this position.

According to Major, currently the great powers are the United States of America, China and the European Union, critical global issues. In second place are the powers with a lower rank, such, like Russia and Turkey, leading to interference in the affairs of other states and subversive activities.

United Kingdom, formerly a world-class power is no longer, author writes. In his opinion, Britain is most likely a second-tier power.. All statements, that London still influences something, follow from the country's history and reputation, conquered over the past time.

We are no longer a great power. We will never be her again. In the world, where nearly eight billion people live, Britons less than one percent. We are the leading tier two power, and we will remain so for the next half century, no matter how successful you are. Our small size and small population indicate that, that others can overtake us in growth rates, larger countries
– he states.

All, what is the UK, currently relies on history, reputation, EU membership and close ties with the US. At the same time, the US no longer wants to use Britain as a bridge between itself and Europe..

(…) we suddenly ceased to be an indispensable bridge between Europe and America. Now they need us less and less
– Major writes.

In the same time, United Kingdom may apply “soft power” for the sake of maintaining prestige and exclusivity. There, where it is no longer possible to coerce by force, London must act with its influence, their diplomacy, sums up the ex-prime minister.

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