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US Congress agreed on new sanctions against Nord Stream – 2»

US Congress agreed on new sanctions against «Nord stream - 2»
US Senate and House of Representatives agree on extended sanctions against Russian gas pipeline under construction “Northern Stream 2”. Bloomberg reports citing informed sources.

According to the agency, insurance and certification companies may be subject to restrictive measures, who cooperate with Russian courts, completing pipeline construction. The new sanctions already agreed will be included in an amendment to the defense budget for 2021 year, while the previously imposed sanctions will remain. The document must be adopted before the end of this year.

highlights, that restrictive measures will not affect Germany and its officials.

In mid-October, the United States announced its intention to expand sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2”. As stated in the US State Department, new sanctions may be imposed against companies, providing services or financing for ships, involved in construction “SP-2”.

In July of this year, the U.S. Senate approved the defense budget bill for the next fiscal year., Whereby, among other things, new sanctions are introduced against the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines. It involves imposing restrictions on companies, directly or indirectly contributing to the completion of construction and commissioning of Russian gas pipelines. In particular, organizations may fall under new sanctions, pipe-laying, ship insurers, as well as companies, maintenance and retrofitting of pipelayers.

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