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A video of the defeat of the Azerbaijani T-72 Aslan tank by an ATGM shot appeared on the Web

A video of the defeat of the Azerbaijani T-72 tank appeared on the web «Aslan» ATGM shot
Photos and videos of the defeat of the T-72 tank of the Azerbaijani army by a shot from an anti-tank complex appeared on the web. Pictures and video were posted on the portal page “War Syria Turkey Karabakh” in VKontakte.

The description for these photos and videos says, that Armenian units hit the Azerbaijani T-72 tank “Aslan” a shot from an anti-tank missile system (ATRA) on the Berdzor direction. When the pictures were taken and where the video was taken is not reported, the entry itself appeared on the portal 6 November.

A video of the defeat of the Azerbaijani T-72 tank appeared on the web «Aslan» ATGM shot
As previously reported, there are intense battles in the Berdzor direction, Azerbaijani army tries to cut the communication between Karabakh and Armenia.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the destruction of a military column of Armenian troops near Agdere (Martakert – arm.). according to the report, those moving along the Agdere route were destroyed – Paravend one command vehicle, one communication machine, two trucks “KAMAZ” with personnel and ammunition, as well as three trucks “Ural” with a gun on a trailer.

As a result of a special operation, carried out by units of the Azerbaijani army in the Agderin direction of the front, a military column of the Armenian armed forces was ambushed and destroyed
– declared in Baku.

Meanwhile it became known, that the first group of volunteers went from Abkhazia to Nagorno-Karabakh to help the Artsakh Defense Army, who are veterans of the Abkhaz-Georgian war. This is reported by WarGonzo in its Telegram channel..

According to the project, the main part of the group - participants in the war in Abkhazia 1992-1993 years from among the servicemen of the battalion named after Marshal Baghramyan. Young Armenians from the Abkhaz Diaspora also went to the front. Upon arrival, they should be briefed and trained at the field camp, then head to the war zone. Group size, and also the possible place of application is not reported.

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