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"Su-30 lost the superiority of the Gripen E": US press on the appearance of new fighters in South America

«Su-30 ceded superiority to Gripen E»: US press on the appearance of new fighters in South America
23 October in Brazil, during the Air Force Day parade, the first newest Gripen E fighter from the batch in 36 machines, acquired from Sweden. The appearance of this vehicle in South America can seriously change the combat deployment in the skies of the continent..

This opinion is expressed by the Military Watch USA (USA):

Delivery of the first Gripen E fighters to the Brazilian Air Force marks the beginning of a major shift in the balance of air power in South America.
The new machine is intended to replace the F-5E Tiger II - the only combat aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force before, which was "virtually useless against modern opponents in aerial combat". Considering Brazil's lack of ground-based air defense, then it becomes clear her former defenselessness against the threat from the air. Neighboring Venezuela was clearly at the forefront in this regard.

Venezuelan Su-30MK2 heavyweight fighter jets were considered the most efficient combat aircraft in the Americas outside the United States. – According to the publication, pointing, that the Gripen supply "will seriously upset Venezuela's advantage".

Unlike the F-5 fighter, who fought in Vietnam, Gripen E is equipped with the latest systems: Meteor air-to-air missiles, powerful radar with AFAR and effective electronic warfare systems. As suggested by Military Watch, all this equipment is ahead of 20 years of system, with which the Su-30MK2 is equipped.

As indicated, Gripen E loses Su-30 in flight characteristics, however, for all other indicators, it is clearly at the height. for example, Su-30 equipped with radar, which is twice as large as that installed on the "Gripen". However, the quality of the radar on the Swedish aircraft allows it to fight out of sight of a Russian fighter jet..

Eventually, according to Military Watch, Su-30 ceded its superiority to Gripen E - new power, dominant in the South American sky.

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