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American defense business gave advice to Poland, how to "hack" the Russian air defense system

American defense business gave advice to Poland, as «hack» Russian air defense system
A conference was held in Poland with the participation of representatives of the American defense business, which addressed issues, associated with overcoming air defense (MLP) the enemy.

"There are no invulnerable zones"

Jay Annis, a spokesman for the defense industry corporation Northrop Grumman, gave a number of "advice" to the Polish armed forces. According to her,, to conduct an effective struggle for air supremacy at the stage of suppressing and destroying enemy air defenses, it is necessary to combine various combat elements, "So that these resources can interact with each other".

From her words, anti-aircraft missile systems "Patriot", responsible for the defense of Polish infrastructure, should work in conjunction with the F-35 stealth fighter as the main attacking force. She expressed confidence in the possibility of breaking through the A2AD zone.

Under this abbreviation in Western terminology, the designation of a deeply echeloned air defense system is hidden, which is capable of causing unacceptable damage to the attacker due to the use of a whole range of means: SAM distant, medium and short range, including those installed on ships; aviation; anti-ship systems; electronic warfare. There are only three anti-access zones recognized by experts in the world: in Crimea, around Kaliningrad and on the Spratly archipelago (here A2AD is established by China). For some reason, the American defense zones are not reported…

Clear, that we are talking about the "hacking" of the Kaliningrad zone A2AD - there is no other in the vicinity of Poland.

American defense business gave advice to Poland, as «hack» Russian air defense system

"Polish F-16s will cope with the threat"

undoubtedly, Polish F-16 squadrons can be used to combat the A2AD threat, with which we deal today – Annis stated.

As she explained, for this, it is necessary to adapt this type of fighter to perform this combat mission:

The process could, eg, start by initiating the acquisition of AARGM missiles.
Quite possibly, that the statements of American business were pleasing to the ears of the Polish military: after all, they are convinced of the possibility of breaking through the Russian air defense zone, which is considered inaccessible. You just need to buy a number of products from the US defense industry. Not surprising, that speech immediately went about AARGM.

This high-speed anti-radar guided missile, capable of aiming at enemy radar, is one of the most expensive products among other SDs. In the AARGM-ER modification, it costs more than 6 million dollars – and this is for the USAF. Third party customer will contribute much more. However, in Poland, probably, consider, that for the sake of the illusory opportunity to "shake" the eastern neighbor and the illusory hope “hack” Russian air defense system can be forked out.

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